I believe you can find a number of information on the internet or books which show you how wonderful are the working holiday in Australia .

  Here, I don’t have to tell you too much about working holiday because if you already want to have a long trip. I think you have collected your won information. This might give you some help if you don’t know where you can start it or how to prepare your trip.


  First of all, get your visa. It’s not difficult anymore since first Taiwanese backpackers went back to Taiwan . The experiences they shared are quiet detail and helpful. If you really think you can’t do it. Don’t worry! You can go to a number of agents which can assist you about the visa in Australia . Once you get your visa the rest things are not hard at all.


  Don’t panic about your English is not good enough, because I ever meet some Korean who just could say thanks, no, and hello. They can only have some basic conversations. As the reason, kick English not good out off your mind. YOU can do it!


  Secondly, think what you exactly want before leaving. People got thousands different reasons for their working holiday. Some of them have been sick of their work for a long time, thus they want a long holiday to somewhere far from Taiwan . Some got other plan for the future like studying in another county. Some just think it much easy to earn money in Australia . For me, no matter what sort of reason you have which let you make the decision to OZ, don’t forget your original purpose. I ever saw some people feel lost while they’ve been traveling for a while so remind yourself frequently and ask yourself. Do you still on your way?


  Next, preparing stuffs which is you really need rather than you want to bring. This always is a big problem for all the backpackers. You might say why I can bring more than 25 kg when I take aircraft from Taiwan to Australia , but when you come back only can carry less than 22. Actually, the maximise weight of your luggage is 20 kg , the reason you can take so many kg from Taiwan is our custom is so nice that will give you another 5 kg to go. But not everyone will let you do that, rule is rule anyway. Furthermore, while you are in Australia you certainly travel to some other cities. You get two options of public transports. One is the bus, the other is airplane. Both of them get weight limit of your luggage. As the result, don’t bring too much things that is not necessary for your life. In fact, most things you can buy in here, so start to pack your back again. And check your stuffs regularly then throw away the thing you don’t need.


  Eventually, wherever you go there’re some people nice, some people sucks. Of course, bad things happen so try to fix up. Maybe you won’t get the same experience as other backpackers. But you will have your own life lesson here. Give a chance for yourself to have a long trip. Take one year break to find out what you can do and how far you still can go.

Best wishes for everyone who is going to travel to Australia .

Good luck and Take care.


Evelyn Liu

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