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 台灣小吃 (small eats / snacking)

   滷肉飯  1. 魯肉飯 (Braised pork rice) 

* A good bowl of lurou fan has finely chopped, not quite minced, pork belly, slow-cooked in aromatic soy sauce with five spices. 


* There should be an ample amount of fattiness, in which lies the magic.


* The meat is spooned over hot rice.  


* A little sweet, a little salty, the braised pork rice is comfort food perfected.


牛肉麵    2. 牛肉麵 (Beef noodle)  


* You know it's an obsession when it gets its own festival .


* Beef noodle soup is a dish that inspires competitiveness and innovation in chefs. Everyone wants to claim the title of beef noodle king.


蚵仔煎    3. 蚵仔煎 (Oyster omelet)  


* The eggs are the perfect foil for the little oysters easily found around the island, while sweet potato starch is added to give the whole thing a gooey chewiness -- a signature Taiwan food texture.


* No wonder it was voted best snack to represent the island  in a poll of 1,000 Taiwanese by Global Views Monthly in 2007.

難怪他在2007年的Global Views月刊裡被評選為最能代表台灣這塊土地的小吃。

珍珠奶茶    4. 珍珠奶茶 (Bubble tea)  

* Bubble tea is representative of the "QQ" food texture that Taiwanese love. The cute-sounding phrase refers to something that is very chewy.


* It is said that this unique drink was invented out of boredom. Liu Han-Chieh threw some sweetened tapioca pudding into her iced Assam tea on a fateful day in 1988 and one of the greatest Taiwanese exports was born.


棺材板    5. 棺材板 (Coffin bread)  


* This Tainan specialty is a mutated offspring of French toast and chowder.


* An extra thick piece of bread is hollowed out to resemble a flat bread bowl. It is toasted to harden it and then filled with seafood chowder.


* Legend says a Taiwanese chef who studied Western cooking invented this bread-soup-bowl-with-corners.


* One day an archeologist tried the toast and told the chef, “It looks just like the coffin I am excavating now.”


* Thus, the chowder soup took on its morbid Chinese name, which means "coffin bread."


擔子麵    6. 擔子麵 (Slack Season danzai noodles)  

* The iconic eatery originated in Tainan about a century ago. A fisherman sold noodles during the slack season and the joint became so successful that he quit fishing altogether. 


* The signature bowl of Slack Season noodles is served in shrimp soup with bean sprouts, coriander, minced pork and fresh shrimps.

經典的度小月擔仔麵是把麵放進蝦子湯裡加豆芽, 香菜, 豬絞肉, 新鮮蝦仁。

生煎包    7. 生煎包 (Pan-fried bun)  


* These buns are made with spongy white Chinese bread that are pan-fried on the bottom. Break them open to reveal the moist porky filling. 


割包    8. 割包 (Gua bao)  


* It's a hamburger, Taiwan-style.


* A steamed bun sandwiches a hearty filling of braised pork belly, pickled Chinese cabbage and powdered peanuts.


* The filling is chopped up into small pieces and mixed together so there's a bit of everything in every bite. 


* Take in a big mouthful and enjoy the salty, sour and sweet flavors and the greasy pork swimming in your mouth.


鐵蛋    9. 鐵蛋 (Iron egg)  


* It's called the "iron egg" because this mini egg is tough as nails. 


* With a rubbery consistency these chewy eggs dyed black from long-braising in soy sauce, are a highly addictive delicacy in Taiwan.



* Often made from quails' eggs, the little balls are cooked for hours in soy sauce then air-dried. The whole process is repeated over several days until the protein becomes tough and acquires the desired amount of chew.


鳳梨酥    10. 鳳梨酥 (Pineapple cake)  

* This iconic Taiwanese pastry is one of the best souvenir options. These mini pineapple pies are filled with candied pineapple. 


* If you want the best pineapple cake experience, try SunnyHills which uses only local pineapple as filling.


* The traditional pies at other shops are filled with a mix of pineapple and chewable bits of winter melon. They have a fruity sweetness and a golden casing of crumbly buttery pastry.



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